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How To Start A Neighborhood Watch




  1. You or a neighbor decides to host an initial Neighborhood Watch meeting.


  1. Whoever is going to host the meeting calls the APD Crime Prevention Office at 505-244-6644 to provide their name, address and phone number. After making the call, the Crime Prevention Office will send a “starter packet” that will include, among other items, a form to collect information from your neighbors.


  1. The host or designee goes up and down the block contacting the neighbors and recording their name, address and phone number on the form. (Note: At least 50% of the homes on the block must be represented at the Neighborhood Watch meeting to qualify for sign placement.)


  1. The host then sends the completed list back to the Crime Prevention Office in the self-addressed envelope provided in the starter packet.


  1. After the CP Office receives the list from the interested party, a Crime Prevention Specialist, Pete Gelabert at 768-4873 will contact the host to set up a date and time for the Neighborhood Watch meeting.


  1. At the meeting, the host provides chairs and simple refreshments.


  1. The Crime Prevention Specialist will conduct the meeting and towards the end, facilitate the group’s selection of a Block Captain who will function as the neighborhood leader and will serve as a contact person for the Albuquerque Police Department.


  1. The Block Captain is responsible for contacting new neighbors and for providing updated information to the Crime Prevention Office (Block Captain Replacement, etc).


  1. The block is now organized and may collectively purchase Neighborhoods Organized against Crime (NOAC) Street Signs. The signs may be ordered (by the Block Captain only) through the Crime Prevention Office.  The Block Captain may also join the Albuquerque Block Captains Association (ABCA).  The block can also officially participate in the annual National Night Out celebration held the first Tuesday of August each year.




APD Crime Prevention Office